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Crossing platform of managing your customers and projects

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Manage all together

inApE helps you to manage with one hand your customers' statement, actual project statue and assigned task to your project team.

Smart3 CRM

Proper CRM gives you insights into running your business. A smart CRM gives you the information what you need in a way to do

Managing Project Easily

Project Management tools allow you to handle your project as a piece of cake. Meet new tools and feel behind power.

BI Reporting

With Ultimate BI, visually explore your data through different dashboards and 360 modern data visualizations...

inApE abilities that will help you get your business to the upper level.

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Customer Management

With the Advance Customer Management Modul, see what is the statement of clients, Invoices, Payment, Credit Note, Expense, and an easy-to-use reporting...

Lead Following

Integrated new methodology to following up your potential clients. It simultaneously looks like they are on the pipe and very easy to manage.

Set Proposal

Send a virtual proposal, InApE allows comment, attach a file and approve with the digital signature. Furthermore, Assign it to any team member as a task to follow up.

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Project Mastermind

Perfectly combined with your clients and your project team. Assign task to do, enter progress, put milestones, expenses and project contract with other documents

Gantt Chart

Visually see your task or activity in a schedule.


Ultimately flexible for assigning a task to project team with evaluate effort of your team members.
Each member are able to see job to-do daily, weekly, monthly